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What Is Human Resources Hero?

Hundreds of free HR resources at your fingertips. Plus reviews for dozens of HR outsourcing companies...all in one place.

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How do you find the right HR solutions for your business?

These days everyone seems to offer “HR solutions” from your insurance broker to big national PEO companies. But how do you know what’s right for your business? Finding objective information on hr outsourcing companies is hard, and what if you just need a little help writing your policies or knowing what laws apply to your business? 

Our HR heroes make it easy! We put together reviews and pricing surveys on the best HR outsourcing solutions, and we built a free HR platform where you can get accurate and free HR resources if you’re not ready for full HR outsourcing solutions.

Why We Created Human Resources Hero?

We don’t try to sell you HR solutions. Instead, we provide totally free HR resources to help your business get the support it needs. Some HR outsourcing companies charge thousands of dollars a year for this kind of resource, but we provide it for free.

As your business grows, you may need more hands-on HR outsourcing solutions like a PEO company or robust hr software. We collect reviews and conduct pricing surveys on these companies and compile them into the most complete HR service directory on the web to make your search easy.

Before you decide to purchase any HR service, whether it's payroll, HR software for small business or a national PEO, use our free resources to help you get the HR service that's right for your business.

Our free resources include

HR Services Pricing Guide

This guide is full of straightforward independent information to help you get the right service and price.

The HR Scorecard

Get peace of mind and easy ways to improve by using the HR Problem Finder Scorecard today.

On Demand Webinars

Discover our library of over 200 HR trainings from beginning to advanced - all free for your business.
Pricing Survey

2023 HR Services Survey

This guide is full of straightforward, independent information to help you get the right service and price for your company.

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