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Recruitment Services
Oasis has consistently exceeded industry standards by providing clients with a high level of personalized services and by aggregating the buying power of its member companies to provide cost savings and synergies.

Looking For an HR Service Provider?

Between all that you have to do in a day’s work, doing payroll or engaging in administrative HR tasks is probably last on your list of things you want to get into as a business owner. Or, if you have a competent HR person on staff to help out, even simple activities such as screening job applicants and onboarding a new hire can represent a serious strain on your resources, particularly around payroll or at other times of the month or year when there may be dozens of concerns and things to follow up on. 

To help alleviate this burden, many small companies are turning to HR service providers. They can help close the gap between the daily HR obligations and the things that are bound to pop up with the people that help power your business. 

Human Resources Hero connects your business with the professionals to help address HR issues and help mitigate problems.

What Can an HR Service Provider Do?

Today, employers are struggling to find, hire and keep the right people in their business and a primary benefit of HR services is to enable that process. The right HR Service provider can help you retain employees and make your business a place that attracts top applicants.

From better health care and retirement options for your employees to specialized HR resources to meet every need and demand, an HR service provider is more than a service, it’s a trusted partner that can help you reduce payroll and accounting costs while providing comprehensive services to your employees and reducing your liability as a business owner. For smaller administrative tasks, HR outsourcing can take the burden off of business owners that can better spend their time on ways to grow their business.

No matter which of the 50 states you’re located in, an HR services provider can help augment and fill any HR related need with one of our PEOs or an outsourced solution. From background screening to HR consulting and training — as well as payroll help, recruitment services and anything else you may need — we’ve helped businesses of all types find their ideal HR partner with Human Resources Hero. Contact us today to see how we can help you meet your HR needs.