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All About Employee Handbooks Part 1

In this article, we’ll be talking about employee handbooks.  A good employee handbook is going to be a fairly hefty document, so we’ll be breaking this article into two parts covering

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COVID-19: Home Office Ergonomics

Today, more and more companies are shifting to a temporary or even permanent remote workforce which can create a whole new set of challenges for employers. It can be difficult

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Don’t Ask These Interview Questions

If you’re hiring employees right now, one thing you need to know is that every prospective employee that interviews with your organization will be afforded certain protections und the Civil

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How To Fire An Employee Properly

So you have an employee that you need to terminate. You’ve tried to resolve the issues, documented the steps you’ve taken and have made a final decision that the employee

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How To Write A Job Description

Job descriptions are one of the most important HR tools you can have in your business. As a general rule, the better your job descriptions are, the better your candidates

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How To Fire An Employee

Firing an employee can be stressful, especially if it’s related to performance issues or policy violations. But what you do before you fire an employee matters a lot and can

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The Cost of Bad HR

Did you know that, on average, small businesses spend approximately $2,966 per employee on human resources each year? That’s nearly $150,000 for a company with 50 employees! This number includes

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