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Workplace Diversity

Encouraging Workplace Diversity

Workplace Diversity means different things to different people. However, by the broadest definition, workplace diversity includes all characteristics and experiences that define each of us as individuals. Diversity goes beyond

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Credibility of a Good Manager

5 Qualities of a Good Manager

Bad managers cost businesses billions of dollars each year. And having too many of them can bring down an organization. But good managers drive others to excel. They are determined

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HR Strategy

Transforming Your Business With HR Strategy

As the digital shift continues, business assets move from equipment, property, and inventory to intangible assets, such as human procedures, patents, and processes. More than ever, an organization’s competitive advantage

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Reduction In Force

How to Conduct a Reduction in Force

It’s always best to think about some alternatives to conducting a reduction in force. You may be able to implement across the board pay cuts, reduced work schedules, or voluntary

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Holiday Bonuses for Employees

Bonuses For Employees

Many companies give end-of-year bonuses to employees for a job well done or as a holiday gift. If your company provides holiday bonuses for employees, you’ll want to consider the

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